Hi, I’m Gianne Encarnacion.
I’m an artist, illustrator & printmaker based in Manila, Philippines.

My work is ornate, nostalgic and balances 2 oppositions. I am influenced by the environment I grew up in, my childhood interests and my family.

I am also a science communication designer. 
I work for the Unilab Foundation (︎Pinays Can STEM).

It’s nice to meet you! 

I’ve worked with Power Mac Center, Strange Horizons, The Moment GroupYoungSTAR, San Miguel Corporation, Purveyr and Bad Student.

The End is Nigh ・ 2021
   Light Grey Art Lab, USA
❊ Flight Paths Show ・ 2021   
   GRIDS Cafe, Singapore
❊ Ang INK ・2019
❊ Pixelworx 2018: Imagined Realities・2018
   Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
Photo by Nikki Gomez

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