Hi, I’m Gianne Encarnacion.
I’m an artist, illustrator & maker based in Manila, Philippines.

My work is ornate, nostalgic and balances 2 oppositions. I am influenced by the environment I grew up in, my childhood interests and my family.

It’s nice to meet you! 

I’ve worked with Power Mac Center, Strange Horizons, The Moment GroupYoungSTAR, San Miguel Corporation, Purveyr and Bad Student.

The End is Nigh ・ 2021
   Light Grey Art Lab, USA
❊ Flight Paths Show ・ 2021   
   GRIDS Cafe, Singapore
❊ Ang INK ・2019
❊ Pixelworx 2018: Imagined Realities・2018
   Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
Photo by Nikki Gomez

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