20 Light Years: San Mig Light

✤ Illustration
✳︎ 2019
To celebrate their 20th anniversary last November 2019, San Miguel Light beer teamed up with Purveyr to create a limited edition merch release featuring 20 Filipino artists. In a typical Filipino inuman (drinking session), beer and long conversations go hand in hand.

The collection wanted to highlight the importance of discussions and dialogues, and focused on 4 important social issues: Gender Equality, Community, Creativity and Mental Health. I was chosen to make a scarf for Gender Equality.

Tags: Client, Textile
(Photo by Renzo Navarro)
Photo by Renzo Navarro

︎ My design represents what I hope for in this world. As a feminist, it is my dream to see the world free of gender roles and assignment of gender qualities, and that everyone may share equal opportunities. I dream of humans viewing femininity as a trait that isn't weak or inferior and that everyone, regardless of gender, may be able to relate with one another out of love and respect. This would not be possible without the openness to work with each other: the openness to reach out and trust that the other won't let go.