Yes I’m Changing

-> Hand-cut illustrations on acrylic sheet
-> 13.18 x 9.64 inches (framed)
-> Series of 10

✤ 2023

The art piece version of Yes I’m Changing resembles specimen slices of the brain ala the Visible Human Project. When the “headspaces” are laid on top of each other, the see-through and negative spaces allows the formation of a new “headspace”.

Directly inspired by neuroplasticity, the series is an affirmative and hopeful stance in the midst of healing. The brain can be reprogrammed and a new state of mind can be lived in.

Comprised of 10 “Headspaces”, there is no correct order for the sequence; a reflection of manner with how we feel. There is no linear path, only a series of connected moments.

View the show here.

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