✤ Shirt, Bag and Pillar Illustration
✳︎ 2023
Global Flagship Store 5th Anniversary festivities including a UTMe! collection with the theme “Embrace the Future” and a workshop for illustration and art appreciation.

The designs are exclusively available for shirts and totebags in the Uniqlo MNL Global Flagship Store, Glorietta 5. Drop by to see the designs by Ross Du, Happy Garaje, Myka Arnado and Kajo Baldisimo.

Tags: Client

Shirt #1


A design on how the future is now. It is not a foreign destination one waits to arrive at; it is a culmination of actions of the present.

Shirt #2

Mind Expansion

On rewiring your brain, discarding self-limiting beliefs and outdated mindsets to fully embrace a brighter future



The seeds of today, the harvest of tomorrow. The future is always in motion. Inspired by motion picture, the film reel and the phenakistoscope.

Display Set-up at UNIQLO PH Global Flagship

Illustration Workshop Event