Flight Paths Show

✤ Illustration
✳︎ 2021
My 2 pieces for the Flight Paths Show, a group illustration show by Roll in Grids Cafe, Singapore that ran from May - June 2021. As the name suggests, the show highlighted travelling, worlds other than ours, escaping and doing away in this pandemic stricken world.

My 2 pieces embody the two types of flights: the international and domestic flights. I created them at a time where tragedy struck me and my family, thus, these pieces were my form of escapism.

Tags: Exhibit, Group Show

Return Flights

✳︎ 2021
In the event that international flights are not possible, there are domestic flights you can switch to. A trip back to old sensibilities and comforting coping mechanisms, because the many versions of yourself will always be there. And would want you to stay there.


✳︎ 2021
A love letter to my friends who are far, far away, and family who now reside in a different plane of existence. Dedicated to my grandfather, who was known for his red Volkswagen, and for my dad.