Grocery Run Show

✤ Art
✳︎ 2022
My 2 pieces for the Grocery Run, a group illustration show by Roll in Curbside Crafters, Singapore that ran in April 2022. The show celebrates the SUPERMARKET and its allure: the organizational structure, the aisles, the shelves, the neverending product selections, the bargain adventures, the foot traffic.

The categories assigned to me were Seafood and Bread. As a little girl who often accompanied her mom to do groceries, I derived my interpretation of the themes from my own personal childhood experiences.

Tags:Exhibit, Group Show, Risograph, Print

Bread Run

✳︎ 2022
A love letter to my favorite grocery section, I always ended up dumping an assortment of grocery bread in my mom’s cart.

Seafood Land

✳︎ 2022
I found the grocery Seafood area to be an entire tourist location and not just a section. The catfish tank was always an attraction.