Kape't Bisig

✤ Web Design
✤ Graphic Design
✤ Illustration
✳︎ 2018-2019
My thesis for my senior year in college. It is a website that aims to promote the appreciation for the identity of the Philippine coffee bean, not just to merely see it as a commodity. It attempts to accomplish this through its 4 components: Discover, Learn, Make and Share. This was my thesis for my senior year of college.

To view screens and see the components and highlights of the project, visit the Behance page: 
︎ behance.net/gallery/84074665/Kapet-Bisig

The Kape’t Bisig website is currently being developed! Please await its release in the future.

Tags: College

Discover (Bean Matching Quiz) giveaway cards during the thesis exhibit 

Social Media Cards