Sa Mata ng Kalikasan
Tarot Deck

✤ Illustration
✤ Art
✤ Graphic Design
✤ Web Design
✳︎ 2020-2021
A Philippine-biodiversity-themed Major Arcana (22-card) tarot deck. Printed in Risograph, it includes the tarot deck, a guide to using the cards and information about the species, and a screenprinted playing mat that doubles as a handkerchief.

The deck features endemic and endangered flora and fauna found in particular provinces in the Philippines. Each card was carefully studied in order to match it with the characteristics and local symbolism of the species. It hopes to serve not just a lens to the self, but also a lens to the current state of Philippine biodiversity.

The Sa Mata ng Kalikasan website is currently being developed! Please await its release in the future.

Tags: Print, Textile, Risograph, Personal